What is Passover?

Passover is an extremely important time, it accomplished multiple things.  The way most people understand is that the significance of Passover is that Elohim freed the children of Israel from captivity of Egypt.  And yes, that is the major event that happened during this time, but what this day signifies is much greater than freeing the Israelites from slavery of Egypt.

Passover is significant for 2 other very important reasons 

  1. It is the first time that Yahuah, the God of Israel, declared Himself to the world and showed there is a different more powerful God than the pagan gods that were celebrated by the pagan world empires which at that period in time was Egypt.
  2. It was a prophetic display of our Father’s ultimate plan to save His children through His son Yahshua, from the ultimate bondage of sin we are all born into.  

This is a truly remarkable and significant day that must be remembered so we will go over this biblically first so that we all understand where this comes from. 

Passover is explained in Exodus Chapters 11 & 12

How do we celebrate Passover?

At minute 23:17 of this video “What is Passover” I provide an example of how my family remembers Yahshua on the Passover. To help others, I have written out how I lead my family in remembrance of Him. I hope it helps whoever Father leads it to. Let’s remember our Savior and praise our Father for His magnificence. Because of Yahshua’s blood, He will Pass Over us! HalleluYah! Be Blessed.

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What is Passover? Should I be celebrating it?