In the video, Understanding the Bible in Less Than 30 Minutes I went over the timeline of the Bible. We started from Creation when Man was in union with our Creator.  We were in a relationship with YHWH.  We then go through history understand our separation because of the sin of Adam. Then we understand the history of the world, through the rise of paganism and satanic worship, then the establishment of Israel, and the birth, death, & resurrection of our Savior Yahshua.  We then see how we are able to have eternal life which is a personal relationship with our Creator through belief in Yahshua and becoming Born Again.  Save this timeline for yourself so you can always remember and understand this.  This is a Timeline to Understanding the Bible.  Be blessed




Timeline_forUnderstanding the Bible

Timeline for Understanding the Bible

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Timeline to Understanding the Bible



  • Lillie Tullison

    God bless you for these videos! I’m learning so much and understanding the Bible more and more each day! Keep up the blessed work that you do!

  • Jenny La

    I’ve been watching your videos on the History of Religion and many others you’ve put together. Just found your videos. Learning sooooo very much. I love how you tie in the history with what was sited in the bible. Geographically you really help with location in the bible and current. Puts things into perspective. IT all makes so much more sense. Gosh, you break everything down so simply.Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Buffy

    Dear TruthUnedited team,
    I’ve been trying to get through to you guys on your website and facebook.
    I’m trying to get your excellent videos in to Christian prisoners in the UK.
    It is not legal to download your videos from Youtube so I was wondering whether you might make the mp4’s available, either on your site or on Dropbox?
    Thankyou so much for all you do!
    Kind regards,

  • Michael Davis

    Can someone please tell me how to see if there was a response to the questions I asked in ur questionnaire section. Thank u

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