Here is What You Need to Know from Spiritual Warfare Part 1 Video


This is how to use the Armor of God



We must draw our strength from YHWH

  • We must be empowered through our union with Him
  • We must be in the power of His might.
  • We cannot do this without the Holy Spirit.
  • This is how YHWH is one with us.

After we draw on His strength and power, we must arm ourselves with His complete Armor because we face spiritual enemies that operate under schemes, strategies, and deceits to go against us.

We must have this armor of Elohim so that we are not damaged or affected by their attempts and we will be successfully able to stand against all the schemes, strategies, and deceits, the wiles of the devil.

We must be able to resist and stand our ground in these evil days and stand firm in place, being fully prepared, immovable, and victorious.











Your armor consists of a Belt of Truth. Having this belt means you have the moral courage to stand up for what is right and stand against what is wrong, no matter what. This belt allows you to stand your ground. Then you have the breastplate of righteousness”.   This is mean’s you have an upright heart, morally erect; having the rightness of principles and conduct. Being honest and just.  You are seeking to do the true will of the Father. Then you have “The Boots of the Gospel”.  The shoes prepare you to face the enemy with firm-footed stability and a readiness that is only produced by the gospel These 3 pieces of armor will help you stand your ground.  Then your most important piece of armor is your shield of faith.  The “Shield of Faith” is lifted up to protect you and to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. You must have your shield of faith because this is what gets tested the most.  Your helmet which is at the top protecting your head is your salvation. Your salvation should always be at the forefront of your mind.  It will keep your priorities in order.  And your only weapon is the Word of Elohim.  The scriptures of the Bible.  This is how you fight.  All the other pieces are armor, but the Scriptures are your weapon so you must know them.  You have the Word in your right hand ready to fight and your shield of Faith in the left, ready to defend.


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How to Use the Armor of God

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  • Shãn

    AWESOME! Thank you brother Ron SO much for this piece of work! It is extremely valuable and needed in the hour in which we are living in. My prayer is for the entire Body of Mashiach to stand firm, immovable, knowing that Yahushua has already won the victory for us entirely!

    Thank you for being a willing vessel. Continue to let YAHUAH use you!

    May His peace, protection, and joy be with you and the family.


  • Yodit Taressa

    All glory to God all mighty!!
    Thank you for this profound message. This has truly touched my heart.
    God please use me to bring others into your kingdom as this is my souls deepest desire.

  • Delores Chappell

    Thank you brother Ron for sharing YHWH’s Holy Precious Word, which is found in Ephesian chapter 6 starting with verse 10-20.

    It is truly a blessing to meet like minded people that are aware of The Truth! Much Love and Blessing to you and your family.

  • Leona Simmon

    ABBA in the Almighty NAME of JESUS THANK YOU For this powerful prayer and blessed brother Ron d his family all the days of his life

  • Andrea

    Thank You…I appreciate knowing what the Armor of Our Heavenly Father Is..My Sister introduced me to your History of Religion Series..I’m so Grateful for the things that I’ve learned…humbling indeed

  • Dex Robinson

    Hands down the best video on the Full Armor of God the holy Sprite is definitely with you. Thank you for Septing out into your calling.

  • Beverley Baptiste

    I truly love this topic, i looked at it many times because it has blessed me in so many ways. And thanks for breaking it so simple.
    Thanks. God bless.

  • Lyn

    Life is much better when clothed spiritually! I’ve taught this to my grandchildren. Praising God for protection and preparedness. Trust your teaching. Thank you.

  • virginia

    We are christian, but it has been hard for my children to stay focus even though we study the life of Noah and Lot that the bible compares the coming of the son of God to. I just found out about your site due to the corona virus. I’m so glad I did because by showing my children your videos They want to get closer to God and have their own experience with Him. Thank you so much for unfolding the truth that the prophecies’ books revealed years ago by the Lord. May God empower you for the crisis that is soon to come for the remnant. May God bless, and lead you and your family to the promise land. Be blesses! Stay safe!

  • Elihu

    Thank you very much for this information I really appreciate it my yahuah continue to bless you and your family peace my brother.

  • Chioma

    What do you mean by moral courage
    And explain the boots of the gospel
    The part were you said the ..”readiness is produced by the gospel…”

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