This week I sat back and felt such a sincere peace in my spirit. Though the world is spiraling out of control, running off a cliff, Father is placing a peace inside of me that is remarkable. This week I do not want to share with you warnings of the urgency I still have in my spirit. I do not want to expose the evils of this world.  I do not want to talk about this New World Order approaching! Yes Donald Trump has coronavirus, the debate was a ridiculous spectacle, and they are pushing this vaccine talk heavy. Yes there is a lot of noise going on, but for us whose eyes are open and are paying attention this is not shocking. Just more alarm bells ringing. I don’t want to focus on them. Forget them!   I want to share with you encouragement on who we are! I want you to feel wrapped in the arms of our Savior and know just how powerful and blessed you are.  I want you to feel comforted by His living Word. I want you to know that you are a believer. This is how I feel and I hope you feel this way to! Yes You Are a Believer!



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Yes I Am A Believer



  • Shmuel

    God’s name is composed of three words:
    Hayah: Who was
    Hoveh: Who is
    Yihiyeh: Who is to come
    Past, present and future all rolled into one word. Which our minds cannot grasp since most of us see time as linear.

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  • Child of Yehoshua HaMashiach.

    I’m sorry, brethren. His name is not Yahweh.
    Yahweh was the name of a Bronze Age pagan desert-god worshipped by the Shasu nomads of Egypt.
    It is NOT the God of the Bible.
    Yahweh was first worshipped as Yhw, a mountain-god.
    Later on, his cult spread to Egypt and eventually among the people of Seir and Edom.
    So, what did the Hebrews call their God?
    They had a special and unique name for him.
    A name with four letters (the Tetragrammaton) and three vowels (the Trisyllable).

    In English, it would be written as YHWH (or JHVH).
    What were the vowels?
    They were a shva, a holam, and a kamatz.
    Paired together, they produced an ‘E-O-A’ sound.
    Combined with the four letters, the sacred name YeHoWaH was produced.
    Eventually this name was preserved in English via the Latin alphabet. First as Iehouah, later as Jehovah.
    Now, I’m not a Jehovah’s Witness. The JW’s are sad unsaved souls who need the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    One of the JW’s main issues is that they don’t believe Jesus IS Jehovah.
    Well, true Christians argue the opposite.
    Now, how did this pagan name ‘Yahweh’ come into Christian vocabulary?
    It was first transmitted by the Gnostics (who used the names Iabe and Yawe, or Yahu) in the early centuries.
    Today, modern Christians foolishly use this name is reference to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (the Lord Jesus Christ) without knowing the pagan history behind it.
    Now, you may argue that it does not matter what we call God.
    Well, let me put it to you like this: calling God ‘Yahweh’ is like calling Jesus ‘Satan.’
    Names have value.
    What does the name Yehowah mean?
    Well, it’s composed of three Hebrew words: Hayah (Who Was), Hovah (Who Is), Yehyeh (Who Will Be). It is also connected with the term “Howah” (“Destruction”) because our God is a consuming fire (Hebrews 12:19)
    Hayah + Hovah + Yehyeh = Yehowah.
    He is the God who was, who is, and who is to come.
    A name of great beauty, don’t you think?
    What does the name ‘Yahweh’ mean?
    Well, it comes from the Phoenician phrase “El du yahwi sabaoth” (“God who creates the hosts”).
    Not a bad name exactly, but still a very bland and generic name that could apply to ANY deity of the Middle East.
    The name Yehowah distinguished Him from any other god of the nations. Hence why the Hebrews used it.
    Even the Egyptians understood this.
    During the early centuries when the Greeks were spreading their trade around, the Egypt name of the Supreme Deity was written as Iota-Epsilon-Eta-Omega-Omicron-Upsilon-Alpha (pronounced as Ieeooua). Ieeooua was distinguished from deities such as Amun or Ra, who were venerated but not quite as respected as Ieeooua (who was also called “Neter” meaning “Divine”, preserved in the Coptic name of God: Ephnuti).
    Now, there are quite a few cults that use names like “Yahuah”, which is a garbled combination of the sacred Yehowah with the pagan Yahweh.
    This is a mockery of the Divine.
    These people also make use of names like “Yahshua” or “Yahawashi” (these are NOT the name of Jesus. Jesus’ Hebrew name is Yehoshua, his Aramaic name is Yeshuah, his Greek name is Yiesous, his Latin name is Iesus, his English name is Jesus).
    The name “Yahshuah” was first recorded in an occultist source by Athanasius Kircher (a Jesuit well-known for his dabbling in the dark sciences, what we would plainly term witchcraft). It is NOT the name of Christ.

    If you are so adamant about being “Hebrew” or “Aramaic”, either call him Yehoshua or Yeshuah. If you are a “Greek-only” person, call him Yiesous. But please, for the love of God, don’t try and mix the sacred with the profane. Don’t mix the pagan deities with the Deity of the Bible.

    I would advise that we distinguish ourselves from cults such as these by referring to God with his unique and powerful name: Jehovah (Jesus).
    Jesus is Jehovah. [Keep that is mind, lest we become JW’s.]

    If you are stubborn against the use of Jehovah, just call him Jah. That’s a shortened form of the name Jehovah, found in Psalms 68:4 (“Sing unto God, sing praises to his name: extol him that rideth upon the heavens by his name JAH, and rejoice before him.”)

    The name Jah is preserved in our modern Hallelujah (Hallelu-Jah, “Praise ye the LORD.” In Greek: Alleluia)

    If you are still stubborn about using garbled and mangled names for God, go ahead. I’m not the one calling him after the names of strange gods. Unlike the Samaritans, I know who I worship.


    Ron charles, after i have watch and learn abouchristmas, i realize not to participate it as much as possible i mean i stive not to.., i just want to ask how about what if my neighbor give me some or share their food to mto me,is there wrong aboit it to take it or not?,..

  • Ruth Lavallee

    I shared this on FB…Some day they will collect me and put me in the line with the Christians before a gallows – or whatever… but, I will stand for Jesus… He truly is my Savior! Hallelujah!

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