This week I sat back and felt such a sincere peace in my spirit. Though the world is spiraling out of control, running off a cliff, Father is placing a peace inside of me that is remarkable. This week I do not want to share with you warnings of the urgency I still have in my spirit. I do not want to expose the evils of this world.  I do not want to talk about this New World Order approaching! Yes Donald Trump has coronavirus, the debate was a ridiculous spectacle, and they are pushing this vaccine talk heavy. Yes there is a lot of noise going on, but for us whose eyes are open and are paying attention this is not shocking. Just more alarm bells ringing. I don’t want to focus on them. Forget them!   I want to share with you encouragement on who we are! I want you to feel wrapped in the arms of our Savior and know just how powerful and blessed you are.  I want you to feel comforted by His living Word. I want you to know that you are a believer. This is how I feel and I hope you feel this way to! Yes You Are a Believer!



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Yes I Am A Believer