This organization has such an important role in our country that most people do not completely understand. Most people may recognize it as a bank for the United States government, but anything pass that the knowledge gets shady. In order to understand anything about our country and government you must understand the Federal Reserve. This article will clarify exactly what and who the Federal Reserve Bank is.

In the simplest definition it is the United States of America’s central bank. What that means is that when the United States needs to borrow money, they borrow it from their bank, the Federal Reserve. They print our currency and circulate it. This is why it is printed on our currency; hence you’ll see your dollars say a “Federal Reserve Note”. It’s evidence of money lent to our government. They control our monetary policy. This means the value of our currency and our interest rates to borrow money.

So it’s easy to say that they are crucial to us and our government. But who exactly runs and controls our bank. Does the President of the United States control and operate the Fed? Who runs it? Well we know the person who makes all statements and directives of the Fed is the Federal Reserve Chairman or Chairwoman. Currently right now it’s Janet Yellen.  During the financial collapse it was her predecessor, Ben Bernanke. The Fed Chair is the face of the Fed to the American public, but who do they report to? Are they the ones completely in charge?

This information is the part that the general public does not seem to know. The Central Bank of the United States government is a private company. It is not regulated or audited by the United States. It is owned privately by 12 or 13 elite families in the world that bankroll and fund the United States Government.

What this information actually means is that there are individuals that actually control the United States government. It has always been true that the borrower is always a slave to the lender. One might not have given that much thought if they believed that the bank of  the U.S. government was owned & controlled by the actual U.S. government. But when you know that it is in fact owned by private, wealthy, elite families it then changes the perspective of who is actually in control.

When you dig deeper and understand more about the families that own and control this central bank, then you will be able to see a real unseen hand of control. Families that have absolute control, wealth, and power, but live under a shadow and cover of ignorance and lack of awareness of their reach. They don’t teach you about them in school, nor do you ever see or hear about them on the television.

In order for you to understand the lack of control certain leaders you believe should have power have, you must understand the Federal Reserve. When gaining understanding always remember this quote made by one of the patriarch’s of one of the most prominent elite owning families.

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws”

Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

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The United States Federal Reserve