Many people state that they follow Hip Hop Culture.  But do they completely understand the doctrine of the culture? The following is a brief summary of the doctrine of Hip Hop to clarify for those that may not understand completely:



The belief that you are to do anything for the all mighty dollar. Even if that means sell drugs in your own community, steal from others more or less fortunate than you, pimp women, deceive & hustle regardless of who you hurt, and put it in priority over your family. In Hip Hop doctrine people believe the amount of money you have and can spend easily defines your actual worth and value to your community.

In Hip Hop, a person’s main goal is to accumulate as much money as they can. It promotes money being one’s god.


Sex and Relationships

Hip Hop doctrine encourages having random sexual interactions with different individuals. It’s quite ok in having multiple baby mothers or fathers, without even having the actual thought of marriage & raising a family. The doctrine objectifies women. Pushing the belief that women aren’t anything but hoes and tricks, and only a source of entertainment or pleasure for the man. It is promoted that you are to treat women the way they treat themselves.

It’s true that like money, this theme is presented all over and not just a theme prevalent in Hip Hop. The main issue with this theme pertaining to Hip Hop is that it is used to destroy the family structure in our communities. Now seeing a black family (i.e. The Cosby Show or families like that) is a rarity compared to seeing single mothers and fathers promoted. It takes a village to raise one child, and through the lost of our family structure, we have lost our village!



This doctrine is very easy to recognize in Hip Hop. The doctrine teaches that if you are disrespected, you are suppose to pick up a gun, knife, or some other type of weapon and do harm to the other person who was disrespecting you. This often resulting in murder or consistent altercations.

It’s a shame how many of our young men and women have lost their life for the most insignificant reasons. This is not a major theme in other communities but is prevalent in ours. It’s a way of social control by allowing us to go to war with ourselves. We can never grow as a community because we are so ready to fight and kill one another. So one person dies, the other person goes to jail, and who wins?


Devil Worship

Speaking of the devil has never been in Hip Hop music as much as it is today. We used to really just expect it in Rock & Roll. Black people can’t be satanic right? Wrong! Now most tracks or albums in Hip Hop speak of the devil. They tell you continuously that they have sold their soul and did a deal with the devil. They blasphemously mock Christ.

This also is a theme that is used in a lot of different communities and other genres of entertainment. The only difference is this is now a culture which promotes people turning from God and the truth in the bible to other false religions and idols (i.e. Calling Jay-Z: J-Hovah or Jehovah). People don’t realize it but they’re subconsciously worshipping these people and even worst the devil.



This doctrine shows that it is cool to do random drugs, and/or display it to the world that you smoke weed, sniff coke, or whatever else it is people do today.

Once again a major theme in the world, but certainly part of what makes Hip Hop so wrong and dangerous. The display of habitual drug use promotes that it is all that we do. It’s more of a lifestyle than self-medication. As far as the other drugs, it’s easy to understand why the promotion of ecstasy, meth, and coke are wrong.. Why do you think crack was put in all of our urban communities…..the same reason Hip Hop was.


There are many other main doctrinal points to Hip Hop, but from these points highlighted it’s clear to see that this culture is poisonous to our youth and this generation. It totally promotes sin and acceptance of sin, without criticism or accountability. If nothing is done, it will continuously get worse.

Do you want your son or daughter to date an individual that subscribes to this doctrine? The purity and morals of our community have been corroded by Hip Hop. It’s time to take a stand against it. 

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The Doctrine of Hip Hop Culture