It doesn’t take a deep argument for most people to agree that the black community in America has been oppressed since the foundations of this country were laid. As this nation grew and gathered it’s independence, it gained it’s strength with thanks in great part to the blood & sweat of free labor. This free labor of course being slavery. The oppression of a complete race for over 400 years with mass genocide and unspeakable cruelty. The oppressors enslaved people taking them from their homes in Africa and moved them by the masses to America. Many of the slaves not even surviving the journey to the new country. These oppressors destroyed much of Africa’s history. They removed all the kings & rulers of the land that stood to oppose them later. They did all of this to fund the American experiment. To build America to be the world empire it is today. Mission accomplished.

Because of slavery, the black community has never had a fair shot in this world today, especially in the United States. Our community has been the recipients of the worst things society has had to offer. This refers to violence, drugs, poor education, unhealthy foods, unfair policing, and all the like. Because of these factors, the black community never gained a unified front. The community took on the crabs in a barrel persona and never earned any power. We’d have our few individuals that became successful and we’d praise them. Them often being entertainers or athletes. But as a whole we never had unified power.

This lack of unified power later on led us to grasp & hold deeply to our African roots. We started gaining more knowledge of African history. It was finally something that the black community could embrace. The baby boomer generation of this country (45-65) especially have gravitated to it’s acceptance. We began to feel black pride because we now had history to claim like the other groups; i.e. the Jews, the Irish.

We take a lot of the African statues (idols) and place them in our homes. We tell stories in pride of our heritage about these kings & queens. We take on a lot of their names as nicknames for ourselves. We start to learn & adapt to their culture and symbols. Understanding & embracing a culture that we do not fully know, but feel more connected to than the European culture that we were driven to accept.

There is one main issue that we did not question nor concern ourselves with. This is the question of:

What was the religion & beliefs of those African’s we know the history of?

Did these people worship the same God that Christian’s do?

For a Christian this is the most crucial question. The reason why is if we do not know what god they serve, and they are serving the opposite god, we then leave the door open for the spirits attached to that culture to enter into our life. A stronger Christian knows that we do not fight against flesh & blood, but against spirits & principalities. If we do not test the spirits of the cultures that we embrace we attach ourselves to things we knowingly would not want to be attached to.

For example, a lot of northern blacks from the New York metropolitan area embrace African Egyptian culture. A lot of them commonly embrace Egyptian symbology. Now it’s easy to understand from early on in the Bible from Exodus, Moses freeing Israel from the land of Egypt, that Egypt was against God. They were pagans and embraced the mystery religion of Babylon. They worshipped Ra (another name for Lucifer). A lot of their symbols are still used today to represent the devil; the all-seeing eye. However, because we embrace it as African history, a lot of Christians bring their past Egyptian idols in their homes. You’ll see a number of “Christians” keeping idols of Pharaoh & pictures of Nefertiti on their wall. Keeping a large amount of idols throughout their home. Believing it shows their culture. They teach their children about Egypt and tell them to embrace it as their history as well. Transferring those spirits onto their children.

By attempting to embrace a culture, feeling desperate to have history, the black community embraces a culture that served a god opposite and in rebellion of the God they serve. This has proven to wreak spiritual havoc into the lives of these Christians. Eventually allowing their African history to replace their belief in The Lord. They then start searching for continuous knowledge that they also feel was suppressed and held back from them. The devil’s main lie. By this time they are so tied into bondage of African history and our struggle & mistreatment over time that they completely forget about the struggle, mistreatment, and persecution of Jesus Christ and His church.

This is why it is so important to understand the gods that people serve and place that in priority over your race and it’s tribulation. The main connection that a believer in Christ should have is their connection of their belief in Christ and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Race does not matter when you focus on the kingdom of God. When we place race at the top of this connection, we then fall victim to whatever plans the enemy wants to run with. We place false leaders in power naively trying to obtain our pursuit of equality in this world. We ignore the spiritual aspect of this leader. We take Jesus out of our families in order to fit African history in. We use their old devices like “spirit callers” and communicating with the ancestors. All things from the occult, but we embrace because we think it is just African culture.

If you are a black and have ancestry from Africa, it’s ok to hold on to the pride of being black as being strong people long ago. It is not ok to let the African’s history & it’s mission to regain power in this world take priority over our doctrine of Christ and His mission for our lives. It is not ok to forget who the actual enemy is. In all things, no matter who they are or were, no matter there race or creed, if they were against God, they are against you (the believer in Christ). Do not allow this bondage to overtake you any longer. It is broken in the name of Jesus!

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The Danger of American’s African History



  • mawira

    Hi everyone I am Mawira from Africa(kenya) from a tribe called Meru(bantu) located around Mt kenya. I would like to clarify on things about african culture because it is so diverse according to the tribe one is from. In Kenya alone there are 42 tribes thus 42 different cultures but with some similarities. The culture in Egypt doesn’t describe all the cultures of Africa though most of our history was erased about where we came from before settling in kenya but how we worshiped was carried on to us. First we were not pagans as we worshiped one God the creator of all things who we sarcrificed and prayed to. We did not have idols in our houses, we prayed to an invisible God. The only place we worshiped was under a certian tree while facing Mt. Kenya. We did not conjure any spirits this was done by the evil whitches who were who were killed once found or suspected . We had prophets who led the tribe in prayers and sarcrifices and all our rules are the ones in the O.T(commandments). We were The name we referred to God is the same we still use while praying to God now. The coloniser and missionaries in the 19th and 20th century are the one who introduced us to Jesus and the Bible. This past is what has made us most africans to be christians and believe in Christ as the son the saviour of us. What was shown mostly on black panther was mostly practised by whitches. Am a born again Christ follower and I love following on truth unedited because it sheds light alot on things not talked about and it helps me trmendously on my spiritual maturirty. Tought would clarify things about the african culture as it is so diverse.

  • Maria Jackson

    I agree that race is not the most important thing one should focus on. But so called African Americans and those of African descent who came to the Americas on ships should know that they are living in this state of oppression because their ancestors failed to follow the laws, statues and commandments of God. They fit all of the the prophecies and the curses of Deuteronomy 28 and as such, should know their true history. This alone will not give them entrance into the kingdom of God, but it may give hope to those who feel that God has abandoned them. It will give hope to know that God and his son has loved them all along and will remember them when christ returns for his church. The natural branches and those grafted in.

    Your thoughts on this subject are welcome

  • Barb Wagy

    A YouTube pastor I listen to frequently, Marcus Rogers, uses the phrase “Kingdom Over Culture.” Fits in great with this article. We are God’s Children before anything else!

  • Gwendolyn Ayala Brown

    I am heart broken because my sons were raised in the church. Now that they are grown and began studying black history and have been mis-treated by white America, they no longer believe in God. One of the questions that I cannot answer for the is how God allowed slavery and now we are praying to the same God that the white man prayed to when we were enslaved, beaten, raped, and tortured. When I saw your video on paganism many of the things I saw line up with their new beliefs I do not know how to reach them and cannot answer many of the questions they have, I have questions myself. With so many preachers being exposed for their wrong doing they feel even more inspired to be away from the things of God and the church. there is so much deception I find myself with more questions than answers. I feel lost.

    • Barb Wagy

      Even though slavery was a truly evil practice, this country would not have the diversity it has today without it. God uses all things to work together for the good of those who love him. One thing to point out is that slavery existed in every nation and culture, not just America, including the African nations. In fact, many of the slaves brought to America were sold into slavery by their own people. Maybe you can start with that. Those that want to keep us divided on race have promoted the narrative that only white people engaged in slavery and that simply is not true. Slavery has existed since biblical times.

    • Paula Sizemore

      Your children need an identity, something to identify with and that is the elohim, our God of the Bible/Torah. As His chosen, we are Israel. We are the people of the book, the ones borne in Egypt, in slavery and then delivered and baptized in the Red Sea. We are his covenant people, and the Bible is our history (including Esdras, Jasher, Enoch and other truths taught/quoted by our Meshiach, Yeshua/Jesus). Teach your children that our Creator Father is not a ‘white’ man religious being. He is our Creator and through Yeshua’s blood (Pesach/Passover), He become our Father. To know Him is to build a relationship, know His will, His purpose for each of us, and that is not to adhere to any religion. Know the feasts of our elohiym, Yahweh. These tell our history and our future, too.
      Challenge your sons to investigate their mindsets. They must see through transformed eyes – western minds misinterpret the Bible because they match it against their own fallen desires of dominance. Seek, read and your family will find themselves in the pages of the Book. We are Deuteronomy 28-31, and the punishment for our disobedience is coming to an end. We are the “apple of His eye” His precious, beloved one. He, like any good parent allowed the repercussions of our actions to discipline us.
      Prophecies of Enoch, Esdras and Jasher were removed to confuse our identity, and mask the truth behind the state of our world in more detail than Matthew 24. Soon, very, very soon, the nations shall begin to reap what they have sown for millenia as they try to build their tower (man-made dominion) to reach to the heavens and challenge Yah Almighty.
      May the scales fall from their eyes, as you rejoice, for the joy of Yah is your strength. Truth will prevail, always.

    • Mariah Orelus

      Gwendolyn, as a mother, I know it can be difficult to get through to your children. This is a huge worry, as you know Satan loves to attack the family. A gentle reminder I have received lately is this, not all who say are worshipping God are. For the “Christians” who enslaved black people were worshipping the false god, satan himself, unknowingly. The master of deception and tricks is very crafty in manipulating the mind. The influence surrounds us more heavily than ever before. I’ve also come to realize that I have a lot of work to do in protecting myself and my family for what’s to come. I have faith that the stronger we build up the armor of God for ourselves, the better chance we have in guiding others to do the same. You‘ll get through to your sons, stay strong and diligent, let the Holy Spirit guide you.

  • Roland

    I started out going to church when I was a child, but I was never taught to understand the Bible. Rather than to just read on my own, when I saw no one else doing so weakened my faith. I love what you have started I have Watched 30 plus of your videos. In saying so I’m blessed to have come across your work of Elohim. I’m very much have been humbled to learn all that I have. Now that I am older I have been able to understand more than I ever have. I have grown closer, and a greater Love for Yashua, and Yahweh. As a young black man I have tried and search for some identity or culture. Finding only convicts, and successful athletes, or drug dealing rappers. Since reading your African history article I see the errors of my ways, I say thank you for your works. I will pray for you and yours in the many years that may come, Thank you!

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