The Christian acceptance of homosexuality is a “high thought” that has grown in size in influence over a very short period. Homosexuality has been embraced by the masses of today. Not that people just agree with it, but that people choose to ignore it and have no opinion about it at all. Churches believe that they are not to judge or have an opinion about it. Even though the Word of God explicitly speaks against it, Christians aren’t able to decipher.

Because the church has lost a voice in the matter, society has run rampant with this new acceptance doctrine. Now it is becoming the law of the land. Everyone ignoring exactly what God has said about it and what the original purpose of woman was when God created Eve after Adam.

By embracing homosexuality we leave the world open to the acceptance of massive bondage. We deny the roles God has made for man & woman, and take His purpose out of the equation. This leaves the world ready to accept new doctrine of inclusion of everyone and everything. Inevitably leading to the worship of a false god.

We forget what the world was like before the flood, when God destroyed it. We forget how people were living in Sodom & Gomorrah before God destroyed it. The devil is a lie and has us believing that homosexuality is a civil rights issue.

They use slavery & racism of blacks to justify the acceptance for homosexuality today. Because we are to accept and not judge, we now see homosexual references quite consistently. What once was a big joke to be gay, is now a great accomplishment to declare one’s self to be gay.

This “high thought” that God is ok with homosexuality needs to be crushed. It needs to be understood that homosexuality is a just a sin like any other sin. It is not believed God will judge anyone more or less based on their sexual preference. The only thing that should be made quite clear is that homosexuality leaves the door open for many more iniquities. It often times drives a person into more sin and deception. Ultimately taking a person away from Christ, quenching the Holy Spirit.

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Christian Acceptance of Homosexuality