Easter is supposed to be Christians most important holiday because it represents that the day that Jesus rose from the dead after taking the punishment for our sins. This day is when you see churches full and people wear their best clothing. There’s usually”sunrise” early morning services and the eating of a “Easter” ham for dinner. Some people, Christians and churches included even participate with the Easter egg hunts, easter bunnies, and the other easter traditions. So much tradition that people take a part to, yet very little know the history of Easter.

Where did the Easter Bunny & Easter Eggs come from?
Why is Easter sometimes close to Passover and sometimes not?
Where did “sunrise” services start from?
What does the bible say about Easter?
Why do we call it Easter?

These are many questions one should have answered before celebrating a holiday wouldn’t you agree? However, most do not have these answers, but yet still celebrate the holiday nevertheless. Ignoring what The Lord says against tradition, they comfort themselves by believing that they really are worshipping God. They believe just because everyone else is celebrating it, it couldn’t be wrong.

Please never forget what The Lord says about the world’s tradition and always understand that devil is a master manipulator. He will have you worshipping his gods, even while you “believe” you are worshipping another. If we only relied on what The Lord tells us do and how he tells us to worship Him, than when the world implements it’s way, we’re already prepared for it.

Understand your traditions.