December 25th is celebrated throughout the world as the celebration of Jesus’s birth. The Lord tells us in scripture that is His birthday is ….. Wait…there is no actual specific date on the birth of Christ. Matter of fact there is no actual scripture that tells us to focus on the birth of Christ. No actual commandment that commands us to celebrate it, especially on this day. So how did we come to worshipping “Jesus” on this day? The better question is “are we actually worshipping Jesus on Christmas”?

The answer is clearly and unequivocally “NO”. Although this day and season are based around such good and happy feelings it has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus Christ. And that “Christmas Spirit” everyone loves actually is a spirit, and it has many people including Christians in bondage. There is so much paganism involved in Christmas its unreal. Not to mention that there is another god that is exclusively worshipped around the world in other pagan religions. This “holy”day is full of such blaspheme it can and will be appalling to those Christians whose minds begin to unclear.

The goal of this section is to create an awakening that the church of Jesus Christ begins to start a movement to really take “Christ” out of Christmas.

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