This subject has not been taught completely and correctly in our current society. Because of the lack of understanding of this subject, there has been great deception. People are not able to make a clear connection of the current problem with the information we have of ancient history, beliefs, and practices. This is because they are not educated about them. This topic will be carefully explained. Like everything else on this site, you are encouraged to do your own research, for more answers.

Now the whole conflict is described by Moses in the book of Genesis, but not covered in great detail. There’s not a lot of information about what fully went on with Adam & Eve and Cain & Abel.

What was the world like before the flood?

What was created after the sons of God (Angels) started inhabiting with the daughters of men (Genesis 6)?

What did Noah’s 2 other son’s beside Shem do & create after God commanded all of them to fill the earth and multiply.

Just from this information, you would know there was a conflict, but you would not know the complete details.

God told us in His Holy Book who He is and how to worship Him, and what not to do. If we all just focused on Him and His Word then we would have no need on understanding the lie, because we’d totally lived through the truth. Once the truth is fully known and accepted, its near impossible for lies to defeat it. But being that in today’s current time, through public education, massive social structures, and never-ending media, the truth is not so clear to most. The lie is promoted aggressively, and people become lost and confused. From reading this site, you will know the unedited truth. You make the decision from there.

A lot of this information comes from what other people believe. The history that they know and believe. This history that shapes their life. This history encourages their beliefs as well. There are others that believe in the enemy of the One True God. They believe and worship the enemy. So this information will give you a basis on what they believe. From having this information, you will be able to make connections with common traditions, beliefs, and practices that “Christians” may participate in. It will make you question whether you should be doing some of them, why have you been doing something, and what God have you actually been worshipping.