Money and economics are both two subjects that should be understood by the masses, however they seem to be more a mystery to the masses more than anything else. One highly unanimous view in regards to most when thinking of “money” and “economics”, and that’s the more money you have the better, so get money. Many rap songs in the 90’s were synonmous with that goal of “Get Money”. But the biggest problem people have with that mentality is that they know nothing more about it than that. The objective is to just get more money. But if we were to be able to understand more about where our money comes from and makes good & bad economies, maybe the wealth of a country would not be in the hands of such a small few.

If people do not fully understand and know the truth there is no way to understand if they are being deceived or not. This giving the person who knows the truth with more power. That’s common sense. But as simple as a thought that is, it is not considered among most. And people go on working to obtain money, with no idea why the money they are going after even has a value. This article is written to give very basic understanding on a global scale of money and economics, so that one may be able to understand a little bit deeper and gain a little bit more insight.