Using Reference from Isaiah 47, Jeremiah 50 & 51, and Revelation 18

The Lord is against Mystery Babylon.  By reviewing what He says in regards to Babylon you will be able to properly determine that the United States of America is Mystery Babylon.



  • Mystery Babylon is a nation, not a system (Jer. 50:12)
  • Babylon has a mother that bore her (Jer. 50:12)
  • Babylon’s mother will be ashamed (Jer. 50:12)
  • Babylon will reap the wrath of the Lord (Jer. 50:13)
  • Babylon has sinned against the Lord (Jer. 50:14, 24)
  • Babylon was the hammer of the whole earth (Jer. 50:23)
  • She has been proud against the Lord (Jer. 50:29)
  • The Lord is against Babylon (Jer. 50:31)
  • Babylon will be called the “Lady of Kingdom’s” (Isa 47:5)
  • Babylon will have a drought (Jer. 50:38)
  • Babylon is a land of carved images (Jer. 50:38)
  • Babylon are insane with their idols (Jer. 50:38)
  • The other nations in the world are drunk off her wine, or deeply influenced by her (Jer. 51:7, Rev. 18:3)
  • There are people who live in Babylon that originate from other countries (Jer. 51:9)
  • Babylon is located around many waters (Jer. 51:13)
  • Babylon is abundant in treasures (Jer. 51:13)
  • Babylon tried to get up to heaven (Jer. 51:53)
  • Babylon becomes a dwelling place of demons. It is a prison for every foul spirit. It is a cage for every unclean and hated bird. (Rev. 18:2)
  • The businessmen of the earth become rich because of Babylon’s abundance (Rev. 18:3)
  • Babylon glorified herself and lived luxuriously (Rev. 18:7)
  • Other kings and rulers of the earth will have become rich and lived luxuriously because of her (Rev. 18:9)
  • The businessman will weep because they can’t do business the same anymore (Rev. 18:11)
  • Babylon will have a great city that allowed others to become rich because of her wealth (Rev. 18:19)
  • Babylon’s businessmen were the great men of the earth (Rev 18:23)
  • From their sorcery, Babylon’s businessmen deceived the whole earth (Rev. 18:23)
  • There is a lot of sorcery and enchantments going on in Babylon (Isa 47:9)
  • Babylon will be the youngest of nations (Jer. 50:12)
  • Babylon will be the center of the world (Rev. 18:3)
  • Babylon uses astrology, sorcerers, and mystics for guidance (Isa. 47:13, Rev. 18:2)




  • Babylon’s Idols will be humiliated and her images will be broken in pieces (Jer. 50:2)
  • All that take part in Babylon’s plundering will be satisfied (Jer. 50:10)
  • God allows others to take out vengeance on Babylon (Jer. 50:14-15, 25-27,29)
  • Babylon’s young men will fall in the streets (Jer. 50:30)
  • It will be overthrown like Sodom & Gomorrah (Jer. 50:40)
  • When Babylon is taken, the earth trembles and a cry is heard from other nations (Jer 50:46)
  • Babylon will have a day of doom (Jer 51:2)
  • Babylon will fall and be destroyed (Jer. 51:8)
  • The Lord will take vengeance upon Babylon. (Jer. 51:11)
  • God’s plan is to destroy Babylon (Jer. 51:11)
  • Babylon’s plagues will come in one day (Rev 18:8)
  • Babylon’s judgement will come in one hour (Rev 18:10, 17, 19)



  • A nation from the north will attack Babylon (Jer. 50:3,41)
  • Babylon’s land will become desolate and inhabitable for both man & animals (Jer. 50:3,13,39,41)
  • He will cause many nations from the north to assemble and attack Babylon (Jer. 50:9, 51:6)
  • Babylon will be plundered (Jer. 50:10)
  • Babylon’s army will be cut off (Jer. 50:30)



  • Many in the church in Babylon will be lost sheep (Jer. 50:6)
  • Pastors & influencers in Babylon will lead the church astray. (Jer. 50:6)
  • They don’t rest in the Lord anymore (Jer. 50:6)
  • The church will no longer be there (Rev 18:23)



  • You should remove yourself from Babylon’s land (Jer. 50:9, 51:6)
  • Babylon’s young men will not be spared (Jer. 51:3)
  • The most proud in Babylon will stumble and fall (Jer. 50:32)
  • There will be fires in the proud’ s cities and they will devour him (Jer. 50:32)
  • Those that come against her will be cruel and not show mercy (Jer. 50:42)



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